In accordance with the guiding intention the overall mission is to produce some of the most inspiring, beautiful and uplifting works that stand the test of time and provide the best publishing services available.


Mission Statement:

  • To operate internally and externally at the highest level of ethical values and consciousness with the purpose of disseminating and making available to the public the highest teachings of Truth through those vehicles and channels which are Truth aligned.
  • To produce, publish and distribute media content including printed books, audio books, e books, music, as well as the production of live events utilizing the resources of technology and other possible means.
  • To disseminate the Teachings of Sri Svami Purna and, while maintaining the focus on His teachings, to also incorporate the material of other authors, teachers, musicians and contributors that are in alignment with the teachings and are approved by the editorial board.
  • To continually remain open and adapt to the ways and means through which to serve and support the highest benefit of humanity with the dissemination of these teachings and message.
  • To undertake all initiatives under the Guidance and Grace of HH Sri Svami Purna, with His explicit agreement and understanding.