Purna Elements is a publishing and media project dedicated to the production, publication and distribution of literary, audio, and video content – including documentaries and feature films – as well as inspirational musical works that are based in Higher Truth. It is also committed to encouraging and supporting the awareness of any humanitarian good cause through such publishing and media activities.

The vision is global and trans-cultural honoring an enlightened approach to every aspect of life. It has been inspired and empowered by the work and universal mission of HH Svami Purna Maharaj (Sri Svami Purna, Svami Purna or Svamiji) and it is fully guided by His Teachings of Higher Knowledge and Perennial Wisdom. it is dedicated to the dissemination of His message in the various forms of media with the purpose of reaching seekers and all those who are committed to learning, growing and evolving – finding their full potential – in this lifetime.